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France: pausing transmission

gaah. France. your internet. i just can’t. no, i mean, literally. i really can’t. between small, non-chain hotels, being in the country and trying not to data roam ourselves into $1,000,000 phone bills, my ability to connect to the world outside has been spotty, to say the least. psyched to get an internet login at our hotel in Colmar last night, my joy soon turned into wishing i had another bottle of Riesling to chug to quell the frustration when the connection seemed to be dated 1989 — after i’d spent about 45 minutes writing and editing some photos. all that said, i’ve got more updates on our trip brewing, but getting them done and up seems nearly impossible right now! in the meantime, please enjoy this meow break snapped yesterday in Riquewhir. we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

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