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Friday favorites

soooo excited for this holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer! so this week, i (kind of accidentally) have a collection of (mostly) summer-themed favorites. enjoy and TGIF!

good hair days


anybody remember John Freida Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Spray? hello, awesome. i used it years ago for perfect beach waves anytime. it sadly got discontinued in 2007. last weekend when i went looking for something that would give a little moisture to my dry-feeling hair and smooth frizz without making it straight or flat, i discovered this little gem: OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Mist. exactly what i was looking for. my hair has been full, wavy and soft, but not frizzy, all week. and i’m guessing if i really pushed it, i could put it on wet and let my hair air dry for great natural curls. seriously life changing!

frozen treats


finally stopped by this little Westside gem this week after a neighbor raved about it. so simple and so delicious. Vintage serves truly old fashioned frozen custard. i remember eating this stuff when i was little in Boston and it really does have a taste that is different from plain old ice cream. choose chocolate, vanilla or the flavor of the day. then top with some basic toppings. or choose sundaes/other creations with flavors like salted caramel, s’mores or coffee toffee. they even make “ice cream” sandwiches. i went with plain vanilla and was in absolute heaven.

other summer desserts


while we’re drooling, let’s go all in. this collection of summer desserts from Cooking Light came across my screen this week. okay, just yum! the Peach & Basil Shortcake has me even more excited for my own peaches to be ready for picking. and others like Lemon Verbena-Buttermilk Sherbet have me making farmers market shopping lists. can’t wait to try some of them out over the next couple months!

adult swim


i know, i know. who thought it was a good idea to follow up all the sweets talk with swimsuits? reality check, yes. but a nice one. once again, Garnet Hill’s swim collection includes lots of pretty, flattering options for real adult women. almost as refreshing as, say, a Mint Julep Granita . . .


meet the world’s first full HD 360° camera. with well over a month to go, these guys have surpassed their stretch goal of $500,000 Kickstarter pledges. stills, videos, a host of cool features and accessories to play with. would be so fun to have one of these to capture all your summer memories. too bad it doesn’t come out until November, but i just may have to get on the list anyway . . .

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