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Friday favorites

hello, hello! i haven’t in a long time been so happy to come to the end of a week. the end of this one means Spy is officially off the road for several months and our summer can begin! that is my very favorite this Friday, but here are a few, y’all might enjoy more. TGIF everybody!

free shipping!


i wasn’t exactly shopping for outdoor furniture, but maybe with enticement of free shipping i could find something that i can’t live without. i would re-do my entire home from Atlanta’s own Ballard Designs if i could afford it! offer lasts all weekend, so happy shopping!

magnetic memories


in the why didn’t i think of this category, Sticky9 makes magnets out of your Instagram pix. so cute! i’m probably way late to the game on this one, but how fun to gift after a girls trip or family reunion or even for graduation. (photo:

workin’ it out


with the husband away this week, i wasn’t able to get out for my runs as much, but i did manage to hit the gym a couple times at least. i love the elliptical and have long mixed things up on it, really using the handles and alternating my position to (at least i thought) work my arms and abs. so i loved finding this list of 8 elliptical workouts that includes this full-body elliptical workout. i was right! and i have some new things to try! (photo:

making a splash!


our pool is officially open as of yesterday! yaaaaaay! it’s one of my very favorite things about our neighborhood and something we look forward  to every year. we enjoy it so much, this gorgeous list of the 10 best resort pools in America hardly fazed me. well, hardly . . .

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