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Friday Favorites

anyone else having trouble remembering what day it is? omg. i’m on day 3 of a 5 day break from work and am pretty much in a complete days daze. it’s freaking fantastic. so when i realized on the way home from the vet (fluids for Mr. P) that today is Friday, i thought what the hell? let’s start the year off right with one of these posts. hope y’all enjoy my first favorites of 2015 and have a great weekend!





blank space

yeah. it’s Taylor Swift. i have finally fallen victim. and i ain’t ashamed, y’all. not one bit. you spend 18 hours in the car trying to find a Sirius station the whole family can agree on and even try telling me this doesn’t get stuck in your head just a little.

#handmadehats #blankspace #whiteBBQsauce #FlyBySouth #Suzseams #pumpkinseedoil #Kurbiskernol #TaylorSwift #craftvodka #OldFourthDistillery #AtlantaMADE

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