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Friday Favorites

anyone else having trouble remembering what day it is? omg. i’m on day 3 of a 5 day break from work and am pretty much in a complete days daze. it’s freaking fantastic. so when i realized on the way home from the vet (fluids for Mr. P) that today is Friday, i thought what the hell? let’s start the year off right with one of these posts. hope y’all enjoy my first favorites of 2015 and have a great weekend!

Austrian oil Spy brought some of this pumpkin seed oil back from one of his Europe trips back in the fall. Austria is apparently quite famous for it. who knew? anyhow, i’ve just finally gotten a chance to use it a couple times recently and it is amazing. it took me so long because everything i read said it’s not supposed to be used as a cooking oil because heat can destroy its essential fatty acids and give it a bitter taste. the gorgeous thick green oil is best used as a finishing oil or for things like salad dressing. i drizzled a bit over some roasted vegetables last week and just last night added it right at the end of my sautéed spinach. it gives a really nutty flavor unlike anything i’ve tasted and seems perfect for these winter veggies. i’m hooked and looking for salad dressing recipes next!

local sauce another treat i used just last night is this Fly by South white BBQ sauce Spy stuck in my stocking for Christmas. it’s made right here in Atlanta (we did tons of local for each other and our family, which was pretty awesome) and is just one product in an entire line of all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, low carb sauces and marinades that are all white — without any mayo. i poured a bottle over 4 chicken breasts, added some chicken broth for extra liquid and let the slow-cooker do its thing for about 5 hours. the resulting pulled chicken barbecue was super tangy and soooo yummy. in fact, i’m about to get some leftovers as soon as i finish writing this post. write like the wind, girl.

more local sauce Old Fourth Distillery is busy brewing up the first legal vodka made in Atlanta since 1906. we were lucky enough to scoop up a few of the first batch of 500 bottles that seem to be flying off the liquor store shelves. literally no one can keep this stuff in stock. it’s made from sugarcane, which is unusual for a vodka, obvs. it gives it a taste that, for me, is kind of similar to a white rum. it’s not sweet, but there’s almost a sweet aftertaste to it. truth: i’ve only just now tasted it to write this post. but i’m definitely looking forward to a more liberal serving during juicetime soon.

my new hat i am loving this! my Christmas present to myself from Atlanta MADE. i haven’t used the one for you, one for me shopping method in years and i forgot what a fan i am! Suzseams hand makes these beautifully girly creations. i couldn’t find mine online, so this crappy selfie will have to suffice. it is at least 10 times prettier in person (as am i when my hair is brushed and i’m not having a lazy pajamas-all-day rainy Friday).

blank space

yeah. it’s Taylor Swift. i have finally fallen victim. and i ain’t ashamed, y’all. not one bit. you spend 18 hours in the car trying to find a Sirius station the whole family can agree on and even try telling me this doesn’t get stuck in your head just a little.

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