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Friday favorites

wow. it has been an insane week. well, couple of weeks. maybe it was the full moon, but everything has just seemed to be running at a completely heightened pace and there’s hardly a minute to breathe. i’m very much looking forward to a quiet-ish weekend that includes a Saturday drive in the countryside and apple picking, then a little football and getting organized on Sunday. that’s looking forward. looking back, here are a few things that seem worth sharing from the past week. well, couple of weeks . . . enjoy and TGIF!

bootie calls


love. these. shoes. one of the things that’s made life crazy this week is preparing for some meetings with a new fashion client. for research of course, i’ve been stalking other fashion sites like it’s my job. sucked me in for a variety of totally professional reasons, but i have to say, i also pretty much spent the week drooling over everything on the site. with a 50% off sale, i saw absolutely no reason not to pick up this hot little number that had been teasing me on nearly every page i visited. i ended up just going into the store to buy them because i needed the instant gratification. they are absolutely gorgeous. i wore them today to my meeting with black ankle pants and a patterned organza top. super cute. totally comfy. win-win. i can definitely see them with jeans and a couple dresses already in my possession. or a few more of those AT items i’ve got my eye on . . .

pixie pants

let’s be honest. i’m way too old to be associated with pixie anythings.  but, given that i have no pants to wear since losing weight (seriously, none), i’ve been on the hunt for pretty much anything and everything i can wear with various heights of heels and for various occasions. because i need a lot of options, y’all! anyhow, popped into Old Navy to see if they are selling my favorite jeans from last year, The Dreamer jeans, in stores this year (no, they’re not and maybe they’re not my favorites anymore now that i’m not fat anyway, but i had to find out). and these pants called to me. i have tried similar styles before and have not liked the results. but i got these home and loved them! they fit perfect and i don’t think stretched out too much during my 2 flights and all-day meetings today. they were great with the AT booties, but also super cute with ballet flats. i ordered a red pair when i got home, and am considering whether i need the jeans. when i find basics i love, i totally buy them in every color i like. what? totally normal.

squirreling it away

maybe it’s the Gemini in me (rising), but while i may possibly have a shopping problem from time to time, i also am really obsessed with finding ways to save money. enter Acorns. connect your debit card and bank account and this handy little app will round up all your purchases, then invest the extra change for you. i love the concept and the simplicity of the design and ease of use are fantastic. i went back to the beginning of August and rounded everything up from there. so far, my account’s got $60 in it , which is just about enough to cover those 2 pairs of pixie pants. see, it all works out.

framed & matted


this one’s kind of a throwback, but i never got around to posting about it. we picked up a poster we loved at Tybee this year, but i was disappointed to get it home and find out it was a really odd size. and i was not into shelling out $300 to have it custom framed. luckily i stumbled upon framed & matted. they have a nice selection of basic frames and mats you can “try on” with your print before you buy. simply enter your measurements and choose your options. they cut, assemble and mail the whole thing to you. you just add your art and hang it. couldn’t have been easier or more convenient. in the end, it wasn’t all that inexpensive, but it was worth it to not have to run around town dropping things off and picking them up. i also just happened to find the starfish prints on sale at TJ.Maxx (i know, completely random) to complete the grouping in our upstairs sitting room. now, every time i go in there, i get a little moment of summer vacation to enjoy!

making the cut


i’ve been thinking about it for a while and may actually have worked up the courage to cut my hair shorter next week when i see my stylist. nobody freak out. Spy, i’m talkin’ to you. i’m just looking at some “medium” cuts and thought all of these were cute for different reasons. still mulling it over, but there’s possibly a big reveal in the works for next weekend. stay tuned!

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