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Friday favorites: French toast for blizzards


as i sit writing from the comfort of my home in Atlanta, where it’s still in the mid-40s, i have a fire blazing inside and a cold, yet fully liquid, trickle of rain is gently pattering on my windowpanes and front porch. at this moment, i’ve got some mixed emotions about the big blizzard that has its bullseye on the mid-Atlantic, where most of my friends and family still live.

i dearly miss snow days full of day drinking, snowball fights, random inner-city sledding, random hook ups (let’s be honest) and pretty much tossing all responsibilities to the wind simply because Snow Miser had an extended moment that made all commerce come to a grinding halt. it was always, always a beautiful thing. but to go along with the raucous, debaucherous fun, there were also usually treacherous roads, power outages and the immeasurable boredom of being a little stuck for a few days. a good thing is only good for so long.

so as i’m seeing all the social media commentary about everyone preparing for this big storm, one question comes to mind: y’all makin’ French toast?

i honestly have no idea why milk, bread and eggs — okay and finally, this year, toilet paper — seem to be the top items everyone buys in preparation for a big snowstorm. y’all know you’re gonna lose your power, right? so your milk and eggs are over probably done for by Sunday. whatchya gonna do with all that bread now? i hope i’m wrong, but it has always just seemed to be the strangest thing. though, i guess you could just throw all your refrigerated stuff outside in your 18 inches of snow. oh, ugh . . .

me? i would buy bagels, butter (y’all know you can leave it at room temp for days, right?), that sealed smoked salmon you don’t have to refrigerate, a case of champagne and some green grapes or apples that could be happy on my kitchen counter. now that is some shit you can live off of for a few days. on that kind of diet, i can guess there would also be a lot less household, um, waste for that few days, hence no need for extra toilet paper. score!

anyhoo . . . for now, i will try to be helpful to all my friends in Richmond, DC and even North Carolina, who apparently have kitchens full of milk, bread and eggs (and bathrooms full of toilet paper) and throw out the best damn French toast recipes i could find on Pinterest today! y’all be safe up there! stay warm and don’t drive if you don’t have to — it’s not you, it’s the other fools on the road who think they know how to! oh, and bon appétit!

1. easy baked French toast casserole


2. easy cinnamon French toast sticks


 3. bananas foster French toast


4. best ever hot chocolate French toast


5. overnight blueberry French toast


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