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half-assin’ it like a champ!


mmm-hmm. so yesterday morning when i was all like yes, 2015, bring it! immo do a buncha stuff starting today and totally rock it. yeah! yeah, that.

by the end of the day yesterday, i’d already decided to blow off the Blogging 101 thing. no, not because i’m a slacker. the first assignment was to do an “about you” post and the second was to write a tagline. i already labored over that shit for hours and days back in August/September. not going back, y’all. i might peek back in and jump on some other assignments if they seem more interesting. until then, i’ll be up to my usual tricks. please enjoy the randomness.

also, by like lunch time yesterday, i was already making plans for Wine Wednesday, which will occur on Thursday this week since i lost my head and scheduled a nanny interview Wednesday night. silly me. what does that mean? well it means my 21-day cleanse is shot on day 4. i couldn’t care less. honestly, once i got into this thing, i really, really had to ask myself what i was thinking.

last night i discovered that even bottled lemon juice has some 6-syllable preservatives that probably aren’t legal. and sorry, but i worked out after work and then went to the grocery store. in an effort to put dinner on the table before 9:30 p.m., there was a rotisserie chicken — no-doubt laden with forbidden chemicals —  involved. technically, i didn’t eat any of the food groups or items i’m not supposed to (okay, except the half-caf with cream that i said i wouldn’t cut up front), but i completely blew off the no additives/not processed thing. i did discover this morning that the canned coconut milk i bought that’s full fat is delicious in coffee. so at least i can stay straight on the no dairy portion of this nonsense. though that has guar gum in it, which i believe is technically legume-derived, so i fail there. gaaaah.

it seems the entire point of this cleanse is to mentally exhaust you trying to figure out what the hell you can eat then shopping and cooking so that you’re entirely too effing tired to bother eating once you can finally get around to it. the current/revised plan is to do my best with the food and see if how i feel outweighs what a pain in the ass it all is. if it gets me to stop devouring everything in sight — additives or not — i’ll consider it a win. so there’s that.

the good news is that tomorrow is hump day, so at least i’ll be halfway through this half-assed week!

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