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i leak like a White House staffer

. . . well, at least that’s what Spy said on Facebook last night after i posted a cryptic tease about him already planning a special trip for our 10th (!!) anniversary, which doesn’t come along until May. obviously, i’m over the moon that he apparently has been cooking this up for a while now and wanted to surprise me, but it was just too big a thing to not consult with me on. on the other hand, sheesh. i just got through back to school and can only see as far ahead as the start of football season and maybe Halloween. as a family, we are many things. but we are not usually planners.

after i went to bed, he bought the plane tickets (and my Delta app says 236 days until check-in), so i guess it’s official: we are going to Seychelles in April! this list of August prompts that i’ve told myself i will refer to this month if i don’t have a post topic conveniently asks “Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? What country would you most like to visit?” well, well . . . cat, enjoy your wild romp unfettered by that cumbersome bag.

so, what the actual? well, first, i guess our family motto has pretty much become Go Big or Go Home. second, we have talked about visiting Seychelles for 10 years. we looked at it as a honeymoon destination simply because it was super exotic, but back then, it seemed way expensive and frivolous. so we landed on a slightly less extravagant (only slightly) experience on Anguilla, instead. third, we must be insane, because 10 years later, it still is way expensive and frivolous and we will be a party of 3 now, instead of just 2 (welcome to life without familial babysitters). but you only live once, right?

to answer the SITS Girls’ question, yes, i have visited a foreign country, or a few. remember that time we went to France for Spring Break, just for starters? i didn’t really have anything else in my sights as a next adventure until last night, but now i certainly do have a most like to visit country. and all my August horoscopes have been saying a lot will be happening around travel this month. so now it all finally makes sense! i mean, duh.

i literally don’t have any idea what Seychelles is about beyond beautiful beaches, but i guess i’ve got several months to figure it out and make a plan. flights from Atlanta go non-stop to Johannesburg, so we will be making a pitstop in South Africa (second visit!) and hopefully catch up with some friends there before heading out to the islands. stay tuned — i’ll definitely be posting updates as this all comes together! it’s been a weird year and i’m thrilled to have something this exciting to look forward to! #notfakenews

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