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lucky Friday the 13th


i know. a lot of you out there are wary of this supposedly unlucky day and all the terrible things that might happen. trust me, i’m not immune to a little superstition, either. but on this Friday the 13th, i’m actually feeling especially lucky. so i wanted to jot down a few of the reasons why. are you feeling lucky or unlucky today? (lucky, i hope!)

the neighborhood nanny today is like the 246th day Miss Girl has had off of school this year. even the French don’t get more vacation days than Atlanta Public Schools. so with Spy still away, juggling Miss Girl and Lily with actually getting some work done for work (and preparing for a houseguest) seemed like it was going to be challenging. luckily, the nanny next door (who actually sits for like everyone and is truly the neighborhood nanny) texted to see if Miss Girl was available for a playdate. oh, hell yes! not only did i get 30 minutes for a run, i got 2 full hours to do that and some housework, plus get on a work call. and Miss Girl got some quality time with some of her besties. score all around!

friendships that stand the test of time so, that houseguest i mentioned is a dear old girlfriend of mine. we’ve been friends since high school, so i’ve known her like 5 or 6 years now. bwahahaha. more like 25. we’ve grown up together even if not always in the same place, and we’ve definitely had our ups and down over the decades (oh, god). but we always seem to get back on track. she messaged me a couple months ago, asking if i wanted to go to a show with her in Atlanta in February. at the time, it seemed eons away. but as i type, she is getting her bags and a car at Hartsfield and headed my way. i am so excited to catch up — we haven’t seen each other in a couple years and mostly keep in touch over Facebook. it’s less than a 24 hour trip, but i feel so lucky that even after all these years we have this kind of friendship, where i know we will just pick right back up where we left off.

good music aaaannnd . . . that show i just mentioned is Lloyd Cole. swoon. of course L and i were huge fans back in the 80s, when he was frontman for the Lloyd Cole & the Commotions. in 1995, we both nearly died when we got to see him in a (then) small venue, the 9:30 club in DC. we were mere yards from him during the show and afterwards, he wandered out into the venue to hang with the crowd a bit. i have a ticket stub from that night signed “Emma, love Lloyd Cole” and i think i probably slept with it under my pillow for at least like a few weeks after that. fast forward to tonight. he’s got a new album out, Standards, that harkens back to some of his earlier work (let’s be honest, some shit got a little weird in the later 90s and 2000s). absolutely cannot wait to see him live again and maybe, just maybe be lucky enough get another ticket stub signature to add to my collection!

good naps crazy day that it was, Miss Girl has mostly been incredibly good. late this afternoon, when i finally got in the shower, i figured i was going to be lucky to get everything done (much less this post i’ve been thinking about all day!) before L gets here. i came out of the shower to a totally quiet house. alarmingly so, actually. after checking all the usual places, i found that for the first time ever in her history of naps, Miss Girl actually put herself in bed and was out cold. i’ve heard tell of this situation, but thought it had to be a fantasy tale passed down through the ages to give parents hope. never in all my 5 years as a mom imagined it to be something i would ever experience. i feel so lucky to have had (so far) an hour of peace and quiet in which to get cleaned up and write without distraction.

Uber not feeling as lucky to have them now as i probably will be after dinner at Leon’s and obvs a few cocktails at the show, but a safe ride home is pretty much one of the best things in life.

cheers, everyone and have a happy weekend!

Update: who gets rear-ended on the highway in their Uber?? yep. me! we were stuck on the side of the road almost an hour on the way to the show, waiting for the police. everyone’s okay, but what a way to start the evening. obvs paybacks from the Universe for bragging about feeling unlucky on an unlucky day! that’ll teach me.

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