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writing the perfect storm


i had planned to write a post about something way more work related today — specifically, some musings on the home office. but as i’ve sat here in my home office all week, listening to my constant MSNBC soundtrack in the next room, i couldn’t help but think of so much more important things happening in the world that i had to say something about.

for the past couple days, as Hurricane Matthew has solidified its course toward a direct hit on Florida, there’s been a gradual shift in content of the neutral-accented commentators’ reports wafting from the next room, from presidential campaign disaster to natural disaster. the shift was completed in full today, when 100% of coverage turned to the hurricane. and honestly, as much of a political junkie as i am, it’s been a nice break.

last night, unable to sleep, i finally said out loud to my husband what i have been thinking for days since Matthew came on the radar and i’ve been on the edge of my seat about how everything will turn out: no one could write this shit. he told me to calm down and go to sleep, which i did, after thinking about how i might actually write this story if it were a treatment for a TV series.

here we are, in the midst of the craziest campaign cycle in my lifetime (i’m older than y’all think.) and most everyone else’s, too, from what i can gather. tensions on both sides are high as poll numbers are still super close. each day brings new drama and new tweets. . . . it is truly the most engaging reality show ever created. we’re waiting for an October surprise (Trump’s 3 pages of totally legal tax records don’t impress me.) meanwhile, Halloween is approaching and there have been creepy clown sightings from coast to coast for the past several weeks. with recent school shootings and fears of terrorism always just under the surface, it’s no surprise folks are on edge. and now, a bona fide Category 4 hurricane is set to demolish at least a third of one of the most important states on the electoral map and its governor is denying requests to extend voter registration, given the circumstances.  . . . and the second presidential debate is slated for Sunday. what next, you guys? for real.

if i were writing it, would Trump fly down to Florida for a photo opp before Sunday and steal the news cycle heading into the debate (and get photo bombed by a creepy clown)? would Democratic operatives convince Rick Scott to change his mind? and could the reversal produce enough blue votes to help Clinton win the state? would Saturday night seem like the perfect time for Wikileaks to release its next bombshell and steal both the news cycle and the debate? would Matthew change course and head out to sea, taking with it the possibility of at least one disastrous ending? and where would Putin be in all of this? so many options . . .

only time will tell how this chapter will end. in the meantime, i plan on hunkering down for a re-watch of House of Cards, Chapter 34 for a little inspiration and the existential comfort of life imitating art imitating life.

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