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NaBloPoMo day 19: wine Wednesday — back to the box (again)!

super quick check in here, y’all. i have a big launch party tonight for a project i’ve been working on most of the year. i can’t really talk about it yet, but suffice to say a lot of hard work went into it and it’s amazing to see the combination of videos and apps coming together on multiple screens in our client’s new space. so given that, i know i won’t be posting later tonight when i get home. but . . .

i really wanted to give a wine Wednesday shout out to a tasty little red i enjoyed last night during my phone date with a dear old girlfriend. my latest Naked Wines case (All-American Highest Rated) arrived last Friday and of course i wasted no time pouring myself some of the Jacqueline Bahue Carte Blanche over the weekend. i swear, there isn’t a wine she makes that i haven’t loved. but for last night, since it was so stupidly cold, a nice red seemed like the way to go. i was so  happy i chose the Matt Iaconis Globetrotter Red. this blend definitely needed to breathe a little, but it shaped up to be nice and smooth with a lot of flavor, and even some spice to it. how psyched am i that there are 2 bottles? very. in fact, i’ll probably enjoy another glass or two after this work event wraps up tonight.


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