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NaBloPoMo day 23: thankful 13


oh hai. yeah, in case you haven’t looked at a calendar, Thanksgiving is mere days away. and if you have looked at the blogosphere like ever in November, you know this is the time when everyone around here makes a list of what they’re thankful for. it’s sweet. so sure, i’ll bite. it’s a great, easy excuse for a post and i was planning on doing mine Thursday. but you know what? Thursday, i’m gonna be elbow-deep in a turkey, fixin’ fixins, tossin’ back some Kendall Jackson with Mom, watching football and finally witnessing the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting in person. ain’t nobody got time for blog posts on Thursday, y’all.

so since i’m sitting at an airport waiting on a delayed flight back to Atlanta and need to write a post for today anyway (since i skipped yesterday due to Game Girl wedding activities — some totally sacred shit) i decided to go for it today. these are kind of random, certainly incomplete and in no particular order, with some being very of this moment and some more general. so don’t judge. also, i firmly subscribe to the above. there’s always, always, something to be thankful for. not just on some random Thursday in November. we all should remember that every single day. what are you thankful for?

  1. amazing friendships. the kind that stand the test of time and distance and feel just as comfortable when you meet once a year as they did when you saw each other every day.

  2. laughter. i laughed so hard this weekend, so many times. and, while this weekend i laughed at different things with different people, i feel blessed that laughter is actually a pretty frequent occurrence in my life.

  3. SkyMiles. i don’t have as many as a certain globetrotting husband, but when i can use ’em to score a $50 flight, they’re worth the world.

  4. family. if you haven’t guessed from poking around here, i absolutely love mine. they make me laugh, keep me sane and make my heart feel so full it might burst on most days.

  5. just. not. caring. in my old age, i’ve stopped caring so much what other people think about what i do and it feels amazingly liberating. yeah, i’m currently the girl sitting alone in the airport bar gesturing wildly and muttering under my breath about the football game. hands in the air, just don’t care.

  6. hard times. let’s be clear. i’ve had a pretty freaking easy life. but just like everybody else, there have been times that suck. a boyfriend who wouldn’t commit. friends who hurt my feelings. jobs lost. harsh truths. unfair twists of fate. i’ve learned from every single one of them and become better and smarter for them.

  7. possibilities. life is positively full of them and you never know what tomorrow will bring. it keeps things interesting and ensures we always have something to work toward. the trick is never forgetting they’re out there.

  8. dogs & cats. hardly anything brings joy like snuggling with our furry friends and laughing at the crazy things they do.

  9. yoga pants. no need to say more.

  10. a job that doesn’t suck. i could have ended up doing a million things with my life other than advertising. while not as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be, i gotta say, given the choices, it ain’t too shabby. i get to be (at least sort of) creative and pay the bills. and at the end of the day, liking what you do for 40+ hours a week counts for a lot.

  11. Amazon Prime. again, this one speaks for itself.

  12. technology. i’m constantly amazed at how easy it is to stay connected to the world and to loved ones, because of the devices we all carry with us and the brilliant things people much smarter than me have thought up to do with them.

  13. decent human beings. throughout my life, i’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with truly good people — strangers who have done something kind in a particular moment and loved one who i know i can always count on for support however big or small. it has shaped my view that most people are basically good and i believe i’m a more decent human being because of that.

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