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pantry livin’: bathroom drawer style


i have been fighting all weekend with overstuffed drawers in nearly every room of my house. i mean, literally fighting. i actually sustained an injury when a finger got caught between a drawer and the pile of stuff inside trying to unstick it.

so, this morning when i was still fighting, this time with one of my bathroom drawers, i had to wonder where in the hell did all this stuff come from and why do i still have it?  this applied to several pens (because obviously i write a lot in the bathroom?), parts of a toilet paper dispenser never actually installed because we lost some other parts of it before managing to get it hung, hardware from a dresser i refinished a couple years ago, random one-off contacts with an outdated prescription, at least 3 kinds of sleeping pills (which i thankfully haven’t needed in quite a while) . . .

and toothpaste. you know, the random kind the dentist gives you every 6 months at your check up. nothing you would probably buy on your own. i used to put this stuff in my travel bag and go through it at a pretty good clip a couple years ago when i was actually traveling for work, and seemingly having more personal getaways. as it stands, until Memorial Day when we went to Gatlinburg, i haven’t been anywhere since Christmas. yes, December of last year. no way my random toothpaste is ever getting used up at that pace!

so since i was also cursing myself for not picking up my regular toothpaste any of the 11,000 times i’ve been to Target or Publix in the past week and am going to run out in the next couple days, i decided to challenge myself to use this stuff up before i buy anymore. might not sound like that big a deal, but i’m totally a creature of habit when it comes to my basic products. i like what i like and am not interested in trying something new. i’ve used the Crest Vivid White i think since it came out, which has to be at least 7 or 8 years now? anything else just tastes weird to me.

i’ve probably posted about how i go through all the random leftovers in the freezer and the weird ingredients in the pantry when Spy is traveling. saves money and clears out some space for new stuff. same thing, right? i also did this a few months ago with a bunch of face creams i’d somehow collected, and guess what. i didn’t die. i didn’t even get any more wrinkles (that i noticed, at least!). so for the sake of de-cluttering and, at the same time not being wasteful, i’ll brush with whatever’s around for the next couple weeks. i may be gagging, but at least i won’t be fighting drawers.

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