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Sunday, lazy Sunday

lazy cat

you know what i usually never do on Sunday (or any other day for that matter)? nothing. Spy is kind of a master at it. and that’s not a dig. i’m actually a little jealous of his ability to just relax. me, i’m usually the one never sitting down always running around the house cleaning up after everyone, running errands, checking things off lists and just maybe sitting still long enough to write a blog post.

today, the tables have turned. he woke up ready and rarin’ to go. i was ready to order pizza at 11:30 this morning and hunker down on the sofa with the remote and listen to the thunderstorms. when the weather cleared and he decided to take the girl to Stone Mountain to get out of the house, i decided i would give myself an hour to screw around. you know, watch 1 episode of OITNB, surf Facebook, maybe try and get out of my blogging funk. one hour. then i would head out to the gym and to run some errands. yeah. so that was four and a half hours ago.

i have lost track of how many episodes of OITNB i have watched (4?). i have not only not worked out, i have unabashedly carb loaded all day. i haven’t made one list. and i’m barely eking out this post. then sometime around 2:00, i think, a vague feeling resembling guilt started rumbling in my stomach. i squashed it with tortilla chips and hummus. oh, i did download a Taylor Swift ringtone i can’t figure out how to get on my new phone and was too lazy to even ask the Google machine for a solution. yeah, it’s like that.

at this point groceries will probably not be bought. laundry may or may not be folded. any kind of actual prepping for the week ahead will most likely not happen. and for the first time in a very long time, i’m totally okay with that. pulling a Scarlett is hella easy for me right now. all that productivity, yeah. i’ll think about that tomorrow, y’all. but maybe i will at least make some soup . . .

hope your weekend has been happy and relaxing and you’re feeling super indulgent for blowing off some responsibilities, too!

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