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sunshine wishes and island breeze dreams


oh my god, you guys. i can’t take it anymore. Atlanta has been under siege of frost and fog for 40 days and 40 nights. okay, fine. maybe only 4 days, but i swear if i have to wake up one more morning to find myself submerged in cold pea soup, i may not survive the day. truly. it’s like living in a never-ending Sherlock Holmes novel. just unbearable. the Weather Watcher (Miss Girl’s name for my weather app) is teasing me with a sunshine icon and 52° for tomorrow. oh, dear god, please. until then, i’m going to keep this image up on my monitor all day, crank up BPM and visualize myself 20 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, wearing a bikini and sipping champagne on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza. ahhh. so much better already. stay sunny, y’all!

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