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When One Door Closes . . .

I’ve got a little personal project that i’ve been working for a while now. It’s involved knocking on a lot of doors to get support, with a lot of dead ends and frustrations along the way. Monday, I realized i’d hit another dead end. I was discouraged. I was ready to give up. I decided I might have finally been beaten. I booked a sit-down with myself to start brainstorming new directions to take — after I moped around a bit, of course.

Then, right there in the middle of my moping, I received not one, but two emails opening up brand new doors. It was like the Universe had actually heard me a few hours earlier, when I raised my hands to the sky and begged (literally, out loud. Lily thinks I’m crazy.) “What the fuck now?” and it responded “Here. See what you can do with this.”

When I stop and think about it, this kind of thing happens to me all the time. I’ve always been that annoying optimist who just knows a bad situation can’t stay bad forever, because in my experience, it doesn’t. Something happens to change it, even when I’m out of ideas on how to change it myself. And generally, that change is a change for the better — or it at least helps me reframe how I’m thinking about the situation, which allows me to move forward. . . . Which is what I’m doing now with my little project, instead of ditching it all together.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, y’all. And for it often providing a little extra help at just the right time, I am thankful. I guess I just had to ask!

What are you thankful for today? Each day during this month of Thanksgiving, I hope to post a thought about something I’m thankful for as a reminder of how much I have.

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