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wine Wednesday: back to the box!

whew. there was a lot of wine drank this past week. and i can’t honestly say much of it was anything worth writing about! unless you y’all want to hear the details of my White Trash Sunday White Zin in a box . . . i mean, i was at the pool, y’all . . . truly, the pool part was way more interesting than the wine part there. but,  aside from all that, there was a moment.

the Camille Benitah Mont Blanc rocked my world. really. super  crisp, light and fun. not sure what else to say, except that this was the first bottle out of the giant box that i was like yeah, this is what i like to drink! many of the reviews say it’s more complex at room temperature. will have to try for next time, maybe, but i thought the cold crispness was just perfect.

ordering more . . .

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