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wine Wednesday: Good Morning Sunshine!


it’s been a while. i have been dealing with a lot of uncertainty, uncomfortable-in-my-own-skin-ness and overscheduling on both the work and home fronts, seemingly all summer. i’m holding a post on all that until it is perfect, you know because i have time for perfection (gaaahhh), so stay tuned and sorry for the blackout. the good news is that my horoscope says this summer funk ends Saturday when Saturn turns direct. thank god. . . . in the meantime, a lot of wine has been drunk around here to survive the unbearable chaos. (duh.)

notably, recently, there was this shiny ClubW addition. so of course, i should share! they usually send me more reds than whites for some weird, not-on-my-profile reason. (NTS: adjust that shit). but this was a fun, fun treat that broke up the NakedWines “hey, let’s drink some rosé!” pattern I’ve fallen into. (hello, Franc Dusak, you super-delishy, you.)

well, Good Morning Sunshine, indeed! you are everything i expected you would be! a lovely Verdelho that was phenom with a Carolina Barbeque Pork (on crackers) munchee. not sure that I’ve ever actually had a Verdelho before, but it was right up my alley: similar to a Chardonnay, but without the oak that i typically like with those. it is slightly sweet, a bit citrusy, full bodied and tasty. (i’m beginning to wonder if there’s a wine i don’t like?)

check out the official tasting video below and definitely give this one a try. cheers! and 2 days ’til the weekend, y’all!

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