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wine Wednesday: Southern Slush

so, this is vacation drinking, y’all. Spy took the kids down to a cute little craft market at Tybee Lighthouse the other day and brought me back this: Southern Slush from Savannah Signature Sweets. yep. it’s exactly what it sounds like. a frozen wine cocktail. no shame. last year’s random, fruity indulge was old-school berry-flavored wine coolers. it’s Wednesday. i’m beered out at this point, and i was up for an island-flavored cocktail!

i slaved over a giant pitcher yesterday morning measuring out my boxed wine (Bota Chardonnay) and a few cups of water, then mixing in the powdered mix. next up, set it and forget it, as they say! that baby went in the freezer for probably about twice as long as it needed to (overnight is recommended) because we got a little sidetracked last night and today with our busy beach schedule. it was frozen solid this afternoon.

at any rate, after my one work call for the week — and just exactly in time for happy hour — we pulled it out, scraped and stirred and pretty quickly got it back to a pourable state. it is so pink and pretty and sweet. one was delicious. i need a Miller Lite chaser before i have another, but what a fun, local addition to our evening juice time!

cheers, y’all!

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