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wine Wednesday: (un)sweet surprise

IMG_2696 - Version 2

it was a modern Norman Rockwell scene and a pretty perfect evening, as far as i was concerned — one of those that reminds me what great friends we’ve made here and reinforces what a good decision we made in choosing our neighborhood.

and then the sky to the west turned pitch black and began to rumble, angry that anyone should be having such an idyllic evening. mommies scrambled to the park to collect chalk and beanbags and anything that would perish in the downpour that was about to descend. quickly, everyone scattered. and we ended up like this: people without kids and people visiting the neighborhood in our original hosts’ beautifully appointed home to the right. four 3-5 year-old girls in our middle house watching Tangled. parents of those girls and party honorees (who left their children at the grandparents!) on lawn chairs in the garage to the left.

the rain came down in buckets. for seemingly hours. a sleepover for the girls ensued, complete with real air-popped popcorn topped with real butter. and in the garage, a debate about charter-versus-public schools began. and obviously, more wine became necessary.

i know. now you’re like thank you. i was wondering when the hell you were going to talk about the wine. okay. so now i’m going to talk about the wine.

if you’ve been following my adventures with the box, you know i’m kinda down to the end of it. hadn’t done a new order or much random re-stocking. so all i had left were “the sweet ones.” ugh. really, i have to drink a Riesling and a Gewurtz? and OMG i’m so embarrased this is all i have to bring to the party! even if it is just a lawn chairs in a garage party!


so, guess what. not only was i not banished from the garage wine party, everyone loved my addition — and asked to be invited over when i opened the other bottle!

another add to my next Naked Wines order!

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