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wine Wednesday: writers wining

again, so psyched to have some lovely ladies that, long about Wednesday each week, always want to have a cocktail and chat!  . . . and a husband with a flexible evening schedule this week.  . . . and a favorite former co-worker and mentee (and adorable, smart guy you would like to hang out with and your sister to marry if he were still single) who surprise joined us. . . . and also talk about #postagencylife and creative ideas that are real. all super fun for a semi-impromptu happy hour!

the venue was Baronda, the old Razorfish haunt, where — if you were of a certain generation, which obvs, we all were — everyone knows your name and sends you free rounds of apps. sometimes there is even free wine. score!

we roll 2 ways there: white is always the Matua Sauvingnon Blanc. this New Zealander is a perfect example of the kind of crisp, light white i like. several bottles of this can easily disappear over the course of an evening.

red used to be a Joel Gott Zin that was just amazing. even after they dis-continued that one, i think i was in the lucky crew that got the last bottle Rich had hiddenway back behind everything (probably just for us). mmmm . . . that is now replaced by a Brazin Zin that’s nice, but just not as nice.


tonight’s conversation was probably better than the wine — as it should be! and it got me thinking about a lot of ways to make some good things happen with people i love, which is definitely a good thing!

on a side note, the giant box of wine is still happening! and i loved this stupid wine this week: Sin Fronteras Dos Mujeres. when i pulled the bottle out of the wine fridge, i was resigned to something sweet. (the stash is dwindling.) i had it grouped with the Gewurztraminers, since the bottle was shaped the same. instead, i found myself sipping something crisp and complex. totally surprised. and totally in love. kind of wish there were 3 bottles of this instead of the Kid that i followed it up with. about time to order more, so we can definitely remedy that!

happy hump day!

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