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a plot of earth (and one badass cat)


You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

well, nobody ever said it would be a vast or gorgeous piece of land. but i do hope the cat comes with it. that dude don’t play. and he will definitely cut a bitch if you cross him. he’d be real good for a story or 2.

anyway, today’s Daily Post prompt, A Plot of Earth, seems to have a lot of people fantasizing about dream homes, business ventures and creative retreats. me? i’m just seeing green. since we’re fantasizing here, i’m going to imagine i’ve been given a super-valuable plot of land with salivating developers lined up to bid. i’d sell it in a heartbeat and pocket the cash, then get on with my life as a gajillionaire.

i know, boring, right? but here’s the thing. i have a home and neighbors i love. building something new somewhere else would mean leaving all this, which would be a complete drag. i don’t even want a weekend home. Spy and i have talked about it and agree it would feel like an obligation — somewhere we just had to pack up and go to every weekend to “get use out of it” when there are other places to go and regular life to tend to. nobody needs that.

i would love to think i’m the kind of person who would use my gifted land for something totally meaningful like sheltering the homeless, orphans or stray animals. or solving urgent middle-class problems like artists not having anywhere to convene, disconnect from the real world and create. but please. building and running those ventures all sounds overly ambitious. i’m tired just thinking about it.

all i really want to do these days is write, travel and spend time with my family. so show me the money that lets me do those things and don’t tie me down to some piece of land that just becomes another line on my to-do list — even if it does have a spectacular view. or a badass cat.

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