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agency afterlife: week 6

you know what’s fun today? not even talking about how busy i’ve been with freelance and looking for a job in the past week. yeah!

it is 3 days before Halloween, for god’s sake. i have a gorgeous, ridiculous 3.5 year old who is going to be a silly skeleton (or sellican, like pellican, as she pronounces it). we have been talking about the neighborhood parade and trick-or-treating etiquette for weeks. and there is $30 worth of mini Snickers in my pantry that somehow i have to not eat before Thursday. i mean, really. some things. some weeks. are just. more. important.

the thing is, i feel like we are the only house in our neighborhood that hasn’t decorated. yes, we have our pumpkins, which are pending jack-o-lanter make-overs either tonight or Wednesday after The Hubs’ 18-hour NYC jaunt (yeah, we Woodwards are known to cut it close). but nothing else, which makes me sad.

around Labor Day, i was wishing forward to fall and imagining a tasteful, yet spooky display, cherishing my Chasing Fireflies and Grandin Road catalogues as they came in and setting them aside for a more appropriate time to purchase all the fixins for the perfect Halloween house. see, we hadn’t ever decorated before because the neighborhood was still being built, we didn’t get tons of trick-or-treaters on our end yet and Miss Girl wasn’t old enough to notice. but this year, all those excuses have come crashing down, with a full set of homes, neighbors and oh yeah, that i’m 3.5 and i notice everything! thing.

and then this whole getting laid off thing happened. without a regular paycheck, i feel like a criminal if i spend 16 cents for something i don’t absolutely need. (yes, i did need that Bota Box you saw me buy at the Publix at 10:00 on a Tuesday morning. i did.)

but today, after finishing up a draft script due for a (okay, the) freelance client, i said fuck it and headed out to the Michael’s, the Jo-Ann’s and the Tarzhay to see what was on special and what i could imagine with it.

results? cheesecloth and black spray paint are my new BFFs. or at least, we’ll see tomorrow, when i actually assemble all this stuff. but i have super high hopes that for like $60, i have everything i need to throw some serious spooktastic up on this crib. and a little random creativity is probably exactly what i need at this point to help me figure out what’s next with all the work stuff. so, vive le mental break!

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