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Blogtober14: facts about me

um, because i had a lot of extra time on my hands today. </sarcasm> this month has changed me, y’all. i felt some pressure to do something cool on the next-to-last day. the hierarchy is all kinds of a mess and these might not be the most interesting facts about me, but this is all quickly what i a) was comfortable putting on the interwebs) and b) thought i could make interesting by fitting them somewhat within the chalkboard template i made for Miss Girl’s facts on her first day of Pre-K a few months ago. takeaways: a) i am kind of getting a weird obsession with making chalkboards. b) my life stats don’t fit in the same boxes as a 4 year old (and that’s probably a good thing)! c) god, i’m fucking boring.

anyway, one more day of Blogtober14, y’all!

The Daily Tay Blogtober14
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