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Blogtober14: favorite quote and why


wow, another hard one! and this time, because there are so many options, not so few!

i spent my day today 100% fucking off at work. yeah, check my timesheets. outside of having an awesome catch-up lunch with one of my favorite writer friends, i also spent  a lot of time reviewing some stuff i wrote a couple years ago when i thought i was going to do NaNoWriMo, but didn’t.

actually, y’all, it was really good stuff (OMG, i think i’m committing to doing it this year!). i got caught up, to say the least. one of the themes of the whole piece (so far) is the quote above. it’s about a butterfly, who flits from experience to experience just to understand the beauty of it all, without ever experiencing the depth.

there is another favorite quote about experiencing everything you can in life that i might like more. that one was sent to me a couple years ago via text at like 4:00 in the morning by an old friend going through a hard time. or maybe i used it on him as a response. whatever. i can’t find the thread — or the guy —  right now, so this one is close and meaningful enough.

this is the one written in my journal in my story notes. it reminds me every day that there is so much more to life than just getting through it. without beauty, grace and freedom, whatever you do doesn’t matter that much. there has to be more than the basics . . .

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