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stealing from myself: a poetweetagram

Wuss zone by Kristin

Is about to be 1 badass scramble. And realize the sunroof is open. That this should be on my table Epically bad is about to happen

In treasonous twitter rant I should probably pray more often. Jeans I just bought suddenly giant! Insane people who don’t listen.

More fun Friday nights to come. Trip! welcome to South Carolina! Weekday mug. it’s good to be home. Empanada. Bone Garden Cantina Suite life! Georgia Dome

not caught up, but at least on the right day, today! the Writing 101: Day 17 assignment asked us to create a post using material we’ve drafted or posted previously elsewhere. you think i jumped on one of the easy-way-out suggestions? oh, hell yes, i did. y’all know me too well.

Poetweet is a totally fun little poetry generator that scours your Twitter feed for material and magically turns it into verse. mine is posted — unedited — above. funny how even in the mishmash of half thoughts mixed together here, i can still pick out phrases and remember the exact moment i was posting about — my thoughts on Mother’s Day, breakfast for dinner, coffee at home after a long trip, a birthday empanada, a road trip to Richmond, a Falcons game . . . and since most of what i tweet is just links to Instagram or this blog, it was pretty easy to find some images related to those words and thoughts.

boom. let’s call it a post and move on!

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