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Golden Globes reflections (aka who the F are these people and what the F are they wearing?)

(photo: Geeks of Doom)

i fucking hate awards show season. hate it. it’s just one more reminder that i’m no longer cool and obviously don’t get out enough — or simply don’t have blissful, meandering periods of free time with which to do things like go see movies or watch any television that’s not on Disney Junior.

case in point: last night’s Golden Globes. you know what i was doing in lieu of making red carpet judgements or rooting for Girls and House of Cards? um . . . i don’t even remember. probably cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry and oh yeah, celebrating the Cowboys’ loss! woo-hoo! damn Cowboys.

so when i cracked open the Facebooks this morning and saw a bunch of links to the winners and the best/worst red carpet looks, i thought that just for fun, i’d take a gander. and then i almost crawled back into bed with a case of Bartles and Jaymes, a mix tape and a VHS of season 2 of 90210. y’all, i have no idea what happened last night. i hardly recognize a single actor, much less the shows/movies, and i’m damn sure i haven’t seen more than 2 of them. what the . . . ?

this is way beyond my usual pre-Oscars declaration that i need to see all these films. i mean. i don’t even know where to start with all this stuff. and what occurred to me was something completely awesome. i haven’t even heard of some of this shit because maybe, just maybe, because of studios (!!??) like Netflix, Amazon and HBO producing original content and distribution and promotion being so diversified (yet targeted). and that is pretty freaking awesome. i mean,  i think. it means there is much better stuff to watch, but a much smaller group around the water cooler discussing any particular show. right? this has probably been happening for a few years, but i think this year the actual cultural shift is in full effect.

so earlier this week, we were watching a Seinfeld rerun was on. because that’s what Spy watches like all the time. did i mention that laugh tracks make me want to stab my eyes out? welcome to my own personal hell. anyway, it was the episode where George gets engaged and Jerry doesn’t (even though George thought they had some kind of pact) and George and Susan watch an episode of Mad About You in bed at the end.

it occurred to me that i hadn’t seen a sitcom reference another sitcom in like forever.  it occurred to me that that was like the complete heyday of NBC comedy and ’90s Must See TV, and all those shows were all intertwined in some small way.  does anything like that even exist anymore? especially on (gaahh!) network?

i mean, obvs Family Guy and The Cleveland Show reference each other. Spy went to school with Cleveland. and i might have kissed him once (and subsequently helped introduce him to his wife). so we have some personal interest in Animation Domination. and we love the connections we see in those shows.

but other than that, you don’t really see characters doing cross-overs and one show referencing another like you used to, except for the rare spin-off. and it’s because everything most of the good shows are not being conceived/bought by big networks with a big strategic plan. (i believe) there are more players. more content producers. and more diversity. i’m sure the network moguls do and have hated it, but as a rare watcher and an observer of who won awards last night, i think it’s a really good thing for creativity and couch potatoes. and even though i don’t understand a single second of the fascination, go awards shows! go!

okay, honestly, y’all, i had no idea that was going to go there when i started. but i stand by it. thanks for entertaining the ramble.

and now, for what i actually intended. these ladies have been critiqued 6 ways to Sunday at this point. so i will refrain from comments. simply put, my best dressed — and worst dressed. i think these images from NY Daily News speak for themselves. my one question is: who the fuck is Conchita Wurst?

the best

the worst


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