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my 2014: part 1

(photo: via Grimafust Photo)

so lately, as i was thinking about the last few days of the year and what/when i would post, i happened to come across this post on Into Mind with 50 questions “to help you reflect, appreciate and get excited for 2015.” it seemed perfect for a series of posts (nobody wants to read my 50 answers all at once!) to round out the year, so i’ll be answering a few of these questions every few days between now and January 1. mostly for me. but also for you.  i think they’re a great way to garner a little gratitude and hope, 2 things i’m all for. join me if you like and please share your links!

1. What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your grandchildren about? okay, assuming i am even alive and remember anything that went on in 2014 by the time Miss Girl has children, i will totally be the grandmother who tells on her daughter. when Mommy was your age . . . for this year, i honestly can’t think of one single event, it’s more just this glorious moment of being 4. how she talks constantly — always negotiating, singing or storytelling, is a prolific artist in several mediums, has more costume changes than Beyoncé (shit. they totally won’t know who Beyoncé is.) and loves her family and friends with all her heart.

2. If you had to describe your 2014 in 3 words, what would they be? better than 2013. before you call lame, 2013 was one ridiculously horrible effing year, alright? y’all may have seen me refer to it as “the worst year in the history of time.” i was not joking. i felt glad just to get through it and see the light of 2014 shining through my shutters. a bunch of wonderful stuff has happened this year on a lot of fronts, but quite honestly, i still kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. because that’s what 2013 had trained me for. in some ways, i feel like i’m still recovering. so, to say “better than” actually means a lot.

3. What new things did you discover about yourself? mostly that i can set goals and achieve them. this is something i’ve never really done in my life. pretty amazing, right? i’ve been lucky enough to float along and have the wind take me to the next place i was supposed to be, always landing on my feet and feeling fairly satisfied. and the wind always seemed to pick up again just when i needed a change. this year was different, though. with a lot of determination, i lost about 30 pounds that had haunted me since Miss Girl was born. and with a lot of focus, i started writing more and gained the courage to open this blog up to the world. with these two achievements, i now know i can do anything i set my mind to . . . if only i could decide what i really want to do next.

4. What single achievement are you most proud of? really not sure which of those things in #3 it is! probably the weight loss? but they’re both my babies.

5. What was the best news you received? the official job offer for the job i currently have. part of that horrible year, whose name we shall not mention, was getting laid off. getting word last January that the company i was freelancing with wanted to hire me full time was 2014’s first sigh of relief and the glimmer of hope that maybe this year was going to be better, after all.

6. What was your favourite place that you visited in 2014? Tybee Island, Georgia. it’s been our annual summer vacation for a few years running now, and i just love everything about that relaxing week. i wrote about it here a couple months ago.

7. Which of your personal qualities turned out to be the most helpful this year? as always, i think it was my adaptability. life’s always gonna throw you curves, but if you can handle them with a sense of humor and determination to move on, you’ll be far more successful at everything than if you hold tight to status quo and brood over what doesn’t go your way.

8. Who was your number one go-to person that you could always rely on? so funny. i already knew my friend C was my answer. then i ran into her this morning in a completely random setting. i mentioned i might need to talk to her about something later and her response was simply “just text me. you know i’m always here.” and i do. what started out as a work friendship a few years ago has continued and blossomed now that we no longer work together. she is always my go to for venting about work, husbands and children, gossip about our mutual circle of friends, tech support and a bottle of wine or three.

9.Which new skills did you learn? hrmmm. this is a tough one. top of mind: i recently achieved perfect pour from the keg at the office. ha. totally important life skill for the advertising set. additionally, i think i’ve also gotten better at prioritizing myself and fitting in what’s really important, whether that means the gym, a massage or carving out time to write.

10.What, or who, are you most thankful for? as always, my family and the life we have created together. there are always daily ups and downs, but i feel so incredibly lucky when i sit back at the end of a long day (with a glass of wine, obvs) and look around. our home is filled with just incredible amounts of love and laughter. i hope i will be able to say that at the end of every single year of my life.

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