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NaBloPoMo catch-up: wine Wednesday + the joys of writing long


so, while i was drinking this and doing some catch-up writing, i realized/remembered how much fun it is to write long. it’s been a long time. even though i write a lot for work, most of what i do revolves around writing short. 8 words for a Keynote slide. 2 words for a promo module. a 60 character description. brevity is next to godliness. and there’s definitely an art to it. back at ad school, i was the queen of tag lines. try summing up an entire brand in 3 words. i love the challenge. writing short definitely makes you get creative and stretch your vocabulary to find different ways to say what you want to with fewer words.

writing here every day flexes completely different muscles. i can say whatever i want in as many words as it takes. and tonight, i just noticed that some of my last few posts are actually kind of, well, long. i’ve noticed that it’s becoming way more comfortable for me to stretch out moments and thoughts as i write, that it’s becoming more natural to let ideas and stories unfold at a slower pace and with more detail. and i noticed that i like it! i hope i don’t start to ramble on too much, but love the idea that to get to the point, sometimes it’s better to take the scenic route.

#CabernetSauvingnon #NaBloPoMo #writinglong

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