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NaBloPoMo days 5 & 6: wine Wednesday & am i a pro?

well, duh. it was completely foolish to think i’d actually write my post last night after a wine Wednesday out with the girls. creatures of habit that we are, this episode of writers wining once again took place at Baronda, where we were lucky enough to snag our favorite spot at the corner of the bar. the cool fall evening seemed to call for red, so we went with our standby, the Brazin Zinfandel. i love this wine so much. nice and bold. a little fruity. a little spicy. and not too sweet. the perfect complement to conversation that ran the gamut from gossip to boys to work to starting a magazine (yes!) and way too much bread and olive oil. happily caught up and filled up, is it any wonder all i wanted to do when i got home was get in jammies and snuggle down in the bed with Spy? when i woke up this morning, my laptop sat dutifully by my bed. poor thing had waited for me all night. at least i gave a thought to composing this post before i hit the hay. that counts for something, right?

now onto today’s topic, pulled straight from the BlogHer prompts because, well, it’s the morning after wine Wednesday (which might have gone on slightly too long), i’ve got a big client meeting and i will fully admit i’m kinda phoning it in. life, right? so . . .

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

oh, hell no. is my short answer. but because i’m not phoning it in that much, i’ll elaborate. you’re welcome.

i only really just started writing this blog seriously and regularly a couple months ago. as referenced above, i haven’t quit my day job. yet. hell, i’ve hardly even told anyone i’m writing this thing. for me to consider myself a professional, i would definitely be more out there promoting, have more people reading and be making some money off the whole thing — whether that’s from ads and sponsorships or from other writing projects that result from my work here. did someone say book deal? ha. but only sort of kidding.

i think it’s also something that you just kind of feel. recently, Spy and Miss Girl were having a conversation about books and who draws the pictures and who writes the words. Spy was explaining that the illustrator draws and the author writes. he said something along the lines of “the author is the writer, just like Mommy’s a writer.” and in that moment, my heart felt full and i thought to myself wow. yeah. i am a writer. and i loved that that is how my husband and my little girl think of me.

i hope that one day i will also think of myself and call myself a blogger, rather than just someone who has a blog. huge difference. and on that day, i will consider myself a professional.

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