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NaNoWriMo countdown: t-1 day


here it is, guys. the day before the Big Day. actually, mere hours before some people will start writing, even. i’ve written a bit about my fear of committing to this month-long intense writing challenge. and i have gone back and forth with a lot of ways to make it happen. in the end, i just know i can’t do it. and i don’t want to put myself in the position of feeling like i’ve failed because i let life get in the way. you know. things like laundry and actually spending time with my husband, who i basically haven’t seen in a month. i’m just not mentally or literarily (is that even a word?) prepared for it.

so. instead of being a complete slacker, i have promised myself — and am now promising you — this: Sunday Shorts. at some point every week, i will find time to write 500-1000 words of fiction. then i’ll post what i’ve written here on Sundays.

holycrap, did i really just put that out there into the world?

i can’t promise what y’all are gonna get. but it will be some words that maybe make sense and are interesting to read. or not at all. lol.

in the past, when i’ve had to be accountable to someone else each week for things like weight loss or even getting my writing started on this blog, i’ve found that i’m way better about actually following through than if i just tell myself i’ll do it.

in some ways, this challenge will actually be harder than NaNoWriMo, because that is all about making first drafts that everyone knows aren’t ready for prime time. this will entail creating pieces i’m not completely embarrassed for someone to read. my stomach is doing flips just thinking about this!

thanks to everyone who’s been supportive so far. hope you hang in there and let’s see where this goes!

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